Best Sweet New Year 2017 Poems for Girlfriend

By | September 19, 2016

Best sweet new year 2017 poems for girlfriend. Here are some special poems that you can dedicate to your girlfriend on new year eve of 2017 to wish her. You can wish your GF with some of the best new year messages for girlfriend. For more new year 2017 messages, quotes, wallpapers, SMS, text and poems keep visiting our webpage VeryHappyNewYear2017.

Best Sweet New Year 2017 Poems for Girlfriend

Best Sweet New Year 2017 Poems for Girlfriend

In the waking minutes of a new year.
I have sat at your feet.
And longed, longed to touch you.
I have smiled teasingly into your eyes.
And noticed that i held your gaze.
For moments that suspended time.
I have taken your hands,
Kissed your lips,
I am left.
Wishing desperately.
For more time with you,
Because now.
I can only imagine.
What might have happened.
And whether i will touch you again.
Happy New Year 2017!


Amazing and beautiful,
not a flower or a tree.
Much prettier than that,
and only I can see.
Loving and caring
right down to the core.
Filling me with happiness
and so much more.
Eyes are so stunning,
cannot look away.
Gorgeous and shining
all throughout the day.
Here in your arms
is where I belong.
The beating of your heart
is like a beautiful song.

Happy New Year My Love !


I look at you and what do I see.
I see a beauty that shines and a heart that glows.

I Look into your eyes and what do I see.
A great peace and gentleness that abides within.

A look at your smile, smiling sweetly at me.
I see a joy that flows and a happiness the grows.

I sit and I think, while I am thinking of you.
Are u thinking of me.

Happy New Year BabyBest new year poems for girlfriend


Some people believe there is a one,
The one who points your way to the sun.
A person they believe makes them complete
The one who will support when facing defeat

‘You are my angel,’ my one and only
My forever love, so we’ll never be lonely.
You’ve brought to my life all your love and care
It made me see when I realized how rare . .
It is to meet your angel, or their lifetime one
Through you and my children, whose life has begun.

What you’ve done, you’ve illuminated my soul
It’s you and your love that has made me whole.
The feel of your love, your soft touch and caress,
We’re tight so close, your heart beats in my chest.

All that we have always felt missing before
Though I love you today, tomorrow it will be more.
Our love is life, we are the strongest tree
Which will always grow forever, like you and me.

You have opened my heart and held it so dear
You are my angel, and will always keep it near.
You have seen my ups and cared when I was low.
‘You are my angel,’ I just need you to know.

You entered my life through a ray of sun above
And when we leave, we will leave together in love
My love for you has become my reason to be
I hope one day you’ll find your angel in me.

Lots of Love Baby and Happy New Year


Be someone who listens, and you will be heard.
Be someone who cares, and you will be loved.

Be someone who gives, and you will be blessed.
Be someone who comforts, and you will know peace.

Be someone who lives with joy, with.
Purpose, as your own light brightly shines.

Be, in every moment, the special.
Someone you are truly meant to be.

Sweet Happy New Year !


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